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Custom Products

Stickers, T-Shirts, Koozies, Storefront Vinyl

Custom products create additional marketing for your organization, as well as brand recognition with customers. Still Branding can create everything you need to stand out. Common customized products include:

          Vinyl Decals

          Storefront Vinyl (Open Hours, Door Signs)

          Screen Printed Shirts and Koozies

          Custom "Thank You" Product Stickers

          Loyalty Cards, Discount Cards, Coupons

Website Services

We realize our clients' website needs will vary, so we offer a variety of services. Whether you want us to do it all, or you just need a little guidance, Still Branding has the solution for you.

Option 1 - "Doing the Most"

We design your website and provide updates as often as needed

Includes: website design, SEO optimization, staff/product photography, updates to photos/pricing/products/staff/etc.


Option 2 - "Keep in Touch"

We design your website and offer periodic (annual/semi-annual/monthly) support

Includes: website design, SEO optimization, staff/product photography, periodic updates to photos/pricing/products/staff/etc.

Option 3 - "Get it and Forget it"

We design your site and turn it over to you for upkeep

Includes: website design, SEO optimization, one-time staff/product photography


Option 4 - "Good to Great"

We update or optimize your current site

Includes a la carte services: content editing, design coordination, SEO optimization, staff/product photography, etc.

Website Pricing

Pricing is 'per page' for new websites, and an hourly rate for existing website maintenance. Please keep in mind that charges are exclusively for design, content management, photography, or SEO optimization (depending on services selected) and additional fees will apply. Website hosting and domain fees are charged directly to the client by whichever website hosting service the client uses, and prices vary between providers.

Website Design (By the Page): $150

Website Design (Hourly): $30

Staff/Product Photography (per session): $100

Change Orders (each): $30

Recurring Website Maintenance (Contract - Consultation Required): Varies by Project

SEO Optimization (included with new website designs): $150

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